Albany Pine Bush Preserve

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve, also called the Pine Bush Preserve, is among the twenty largest inland pine barrens in the whole world. It is found in the capital district of New York, within the counties of Schenectady and Albany. The formation of this bush happened over one thousand years ago following la Albany’s  glacial lake drainage. This bush is the only remaining undeveloped portion of the pine barrens that used to cover over forty square miles. It is among the best examples of existing pine barrens ecology in the world.

By the year 2008, it included all land parcels of the Pine Bush Preserve property that connect the protected parcels of land and other surrounding areas of the preserve. The surrounding areas of Schenectady County and the one hundred and thirty-five acre Woodlawn Preserve consist of the Western section of the bush. They are geographically separated by other properties in the Pine Bush in Albany County.

This bush has been an environmental conservation, historical, and cultural asset to Hudson Valley and capital district regions of New York. The pioneers who were moving west passed through these barrens, and then the first passenger railroad passed here in the US. This bush is home to the endangered butterfly species called Karner Blue, first identified in 1994 by author Vladimir Nabokov by use of a space specimen in the bush.

The preserve

The volunteers and staff of this preserve conduct an on-ground natural resource management and protection, environmental education, and scientific research. It is a chosen national natural landmark because of its extraordinary sand dunes. This bush is also a unique location in New York State for the national Audubon society and bird conservation. This bush is also a fire-dependent habitat which acts as an Albany NY wildlife home to over 1500 animal and plant species.  The endangered Karner butterfly is among these species.

The discovery center

The discovery center, which acts as the gateway to the Pine Bush Preserve, introduces you to all aspects that make the preserve significant, rare, and distinct. It is a special interpretive center with interactive properties and an accessible outdoor discovery trail that features green technology, local artwork, and demonstration gardens. The center offers outdoor and indoor classrooms where learning becomes live for special interest groups and schools. The center also has expert scientists, educators, and stewards that offer a variety of historical, natural, and cultural programs.

When exploring the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, you will come across the endangered Silver-Blue butterfly. This butterfly depends on the wild blue lupine which grows in the sandy, dry, clearings and open woods of the pine barrens. The wildlife you can anticipate to catch includes the white tailed deer, fisher, gray fox and red fox, coyote, and cottontail rabbits. You will also come across the American woodcock, Eastern Towhee, Prairie Warbler, Great Horned Owl, Indigo Bunting, and Red-tailed Hawk.

The reptiles found in this Albany NY wildlife conservancy are the hognose snake, Eastern spadefoot toad, and the spotted turtle. There are recreational opportunities in this place like the interactive and accessible visitors center, and an extensive trail system for biking, hiking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing.This beautiful Albany area draws

This beautiful Albany wildlife habitat draws visitors from far and wide as well as being a favorite recreational area for local residents that come down from the Adirondacks and up from the Catskill area.  If you have the opportunity the Pine Bush Preserve is well worth your time. Albany Pine Bush Preserve. For more information, check out their

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