Great Hunting Grounds Albany to Atlanta New York

If you like hunting and fishing, then you will absolutely love the state of New York, particularly the area extending from Albany to Atlanta. Yes, there is an Atlanta, New York. Aside from all the beautiful lakes, including Lake Ontario more to the west of Albany, do not forget the Helderberg Escarpment if you are looking for good hunting! You have plenty of rich hunting grounds with a lot of deer. Tree services keep the cities fresh and trimmed, but the forest is where you can roam the wild freely. You can either stick your dogs in a dog kennel or take them hunting with you. It all depends on your preference. Now, where you are going to go hunting is a different story. Not in that, it isn’t your preference, but where is your preference?

Finding Your Happy Hunting Place

From Elmira to Atlanta to Syracuse, New York, there is nothing but great hunting grounds. Where are the best ones? Surely the area around Finger Lakes is great for both hunting and fishing. You might even plan a camping trip to do both. The only noise you will ever hear are the water trucks coming to pump out fresh water from these clean waters. They are fairly discrete so that they don’t disturb the wildlife. You may need some all-terrain vehicles to get to some areas; you definitely won’t need a limo service like you might in Albany, New York. The Finger Lakes National Forest does not permit hunting year round but it is a great place to visit any time of the year, regardless. If you can’t hunt, you can always go wine tasting. Continue reading “Great Hunting Grounds Albany to Atlanta New York”

Vacationing In Atlanta NY This Summer? What You Need To Know

Everyone needs a little vacation from time to time. Not a short vacation, either. There is hardly a better time to visit New York than there is in the summer. However, It’s just as beautiful as during the winter months without the freezing cold. There are plenty of dog kennels in the area if you need someone to watch your precious pooch while you go hiking up the Adirondacks, or you can take them with you. It all comes down to where you would want to go and what you would want to do. There are a lot of choices, believe it or not.

Recommended Top Choices

You may spend a good bit of your time in the outdoors if you visit upstate New York during the months of summer. Yes, you will find many waterways, rivers, lakes, and ponds to either take a dip in or going swimming in. A lot of the water in upstate New York around Albany and Syracuse is pumped by water companies for tap water and water bottles. If you’ve got a hunting license and like to hunt, then this is a great place for you to be. There is plenty of free roaming deer, rabbits and other small and big game.

There is also a lot of great views in and out of the Adirondacks. Lake Ontario is just a short drive away from the hotels here and it is a great view. Plenty of trees and cool wildlife to take pictures of. It is even better if you go when the leaves are changing. Now if you own a first or second home in this area, you can enjoy even more time in the peaceful area. It is a great view with so many types of trees growing in one area. Continue reading “Vacationing In Atlanta NY This Summer? What You Need To Know”

A Few Ideas If You’re Visiting Near Atlanta, NY

A lot of folks are planning vacations this year. Much more are planning on moving north, at least for the summer. Florida is a great place to spend the winter, but who really wants to deal with the heat and humidity of the summer months? If you are one of those people then we have the perfect area for you. The general area of Syracuse, Albany, and Atlanta, New York is one of the nicest areas in the country during the spring and summer months. There is a lot more to do than initially meets the eye. Don’t believe me? Well, you certainly will after reading this!

Relaxation With Occasional Bouts Of Excitement

Do you enjoy beautiful views and cool water to cool off in during the summer? Then you might find Lake Ontario your perfect summer vacationing spot. There is plenty of other rivers and ponds to visit as well. If you visit the Adirondacks, you can enjoy the beautiful views and trees. You might also want to try whitewater rafting. Yes, the water is very clean these days. Many water pumping companies pump water right out of here for various purposes. This is all just a short drive away from affordable hotels and rentals to choose from in Atlanta, NY. Continue reading “A Few Ideas If You’re Visiting Near Atlanta, NY”

Welcome to Upstate New York

Here you are and so are we!  Glad you could join us and share what we have to tell you about what we like to call home.  In the months to come, we hope to share some of the beauty that is New York.  We have a lot to offer between Albany and Atlanta so stop back again.