Vacationing In Atlanta NY This Summer? What You Need To Know

Everyone needs a little vacation from time to time. Not a short vacation, either. There is hardly a better time to visit New York than there is in the summer. However, It’s just as beautiful as during the winter months without the freezing cold. There are plenty of dog kennels in the area if you need someone to watch your precious pooch while you go hiking up the Adirondacks, or you can take them with you. It all comes down to where you would want to go and what you would want to do. There are a lot of choices, believe it or not.

Recommended Top Choices

You may spend a good bit of your time in the outdoors if you visit upstate New York during the months of summer. Yes, you will find many waterways, rivers, lakes, and ponds to either take a dip in or going swimming in. A lot of the water in upstate New York around Albany and Syracuse is pumped by water companies for tap water and water bottles. If you’ve got a hunting license and like to hunt, then this is a great place for you to be. There is plenty of free roaming deer, rabbits and other small and big game.

There is also a lot of great views in and out of the Adirondacks. Lake Ontario is just a short drive away from the hotels here and it is a great view. Plenty of trees and cool wildlife to take pictures of. It is even better if you go when the leaves are changing. Now if you own a first or second home in this area, you can enjoy even more time in the peaceful area. It is a great view with so many types of trees growing in one area.

Trip To The Zoo Anyone?

Syracuse. NY is actually home to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. Pull out the GPS and put in the Rosamond Gifford Zoo as your destination, as it is definitely a good spot to visit. It is rated in the top ten percent of zoos in the country! Yes, they treat all of their animals very well. This zoo is approximately forty-three acres and growing. It is part of Burnett Park, which also includes a large swimming pool.

The kids will love this zoo. The zoo itself is about 43 acres and is still growing with over 700 animals! They are all treated great so all you have to do is respect them and enjoy the zoo.

There is also a large swimming pool located in this park that is great fun for the kids to enjoy.  However, the pool may be out of the question if you are visiting during the winter months, or possibly the fall months as well.  It is an outdoor pool, part of Burnett Park, so cool temperatures do not bode well for swimming

This is a great spot to visit for all ages and a great place to make memories with the whole family. You definitely won’t regret paying it a visit while you’re in the area of Atlanta, NY.

Looking For A Little More Excitement?

You can always go canoeing, kayaking or swimming in the many waterways of the area. You might even consider doing a little whitewater rafting up in the mountains! There is actually a lot more to do in the area of Atlanta, NY than most residents even think. That might be because a lot of folks go on vacation to sit on a beach or visit luxurious shopping centers.

One Of The Largest Shopping Malls Outside Of NYC!

Albany and Syracuse both have decent sized shopping malls for you to enjoy some relaxing down time at. When you’re done spending the day on Lake Ontario, hanging out, or hunting, take a break and get yourself something new. Vacationing is relaxing, which makes it the best time to make those tough decisions on what you should be wearing. All in all, your vacation to Atlanta, NY is starting to look pretty good, isn’t it?

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